Origami Owl Halloween Collection

 Origami Owl Halloween Collection at StoriedCharms.com

What a treat! The Origami Owl Halloween Collection is HERE! Fill your locket full of fun, creepy or spooky charms. What's your favorite piece? Creep it real this season with our new product! Which piece is your favorite?! 

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Origami Owl Sentiments Living Locket

 Origami Owl Sentiments Living Locket available at StoriedCharms.com

Keep your faith close to your heart with the Origami Owl personalized Inscriptions locket plates and the new Sentiments Collection. With the new Sentiments Medium Silver Twist Living Locket, you can keep what's most sacred to you, close to your heart and hidden for only you to see behind the intricate and decorative Filigree Sentiments Locket Face. The Medium Locket holds 4-6 charms. 

Pair the Locket with the new Sentiments 18" / 36" Silver Convertible Filigree Chain to complete your unique look. 

Wear the Sentiments Living Locket the way you choose, with 4 options:

1. Add a Moodology Medium Silver Filigree Mood Disc and your favorite Origami Owl Moodology 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend to lift your mood and to transform your Sentiments Living Locket® into your personal pendant of well-being!

2. Add Charms to tell your personal story: choose Charms that are symbols of who you are and ones that represent stories close to your heart that you wish to keep out of the spotlight. Conceal these behind our beautiful Sentiments Locket Face.

3. Add Swarovski® Crystals to your Sentiments Living Locket® to add a pop of color and to create a simple and brilliant pendant that sparkles. (Due to its intricate, cut-out design, Stardust-size Swarovski® Crystals are not compatible.)

4. Add an Inscriptions® Plate to your Sentiments Living Locket® to veil a private message, phrase or date that has personal significance to you.

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Origami Owl's Moodology Is Here!

 Origami Owl Moodology available at StoriedCharms.com


Change your mood 
Change your life

Origami Owl's Moodology is an exclusive collection of 100% pure essential oil blends celebrating the mind and mood connection. Our 100% pure essential oil blends have been carefully curated and mindfully combined in specific layers to provide complementary benefits.

Now you can embrace the mood-boosting power of essential oils by keeping them close to you…nestled in our vintage-inspired Sentiments Collection.

In the mood to change your life?
Watch more here:

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Moodology + Sentiments Collection Pack

 Moodology + Sentiments Collection Pack by Origami Owl available at StoriedCharms.com

You're going to LOVE our new Moodology + The Sentiments Collections Pack! You'll find your “happy” with everything you need to enhance your mood everyday with our Moodology + Sentiments Collection Pack. The pack includes a complete Sentiments Living Locket® so you can boost your mood everywhere you go while wearing this stunningly beautiful, vintage-inspired customizable jewelry piece.

All 4 of our Moodology 100% pure essential oils are included in the pack so you will be able to choose how you want to feel.

The pack includes:
  • Medium Silver Sentiments Twist Locket Face with Swarovski Crystal 
  • Medium Silver Solid Twist Living Locket Base 
  • 24-26" Silver Cube Chain 
  • Sentiments Silver Dangle 
  • 2- Medium Silver Moodology Filigree Ceramic Disc 
  • 2- Medium Gold Moodology Filigree Ceramic Disc 
  • Bad Day be Gone- 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (4ml) 
  • No Place like Ohm- 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (4ml) 
  • Slimmer down now- 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (4ml) 
  • Pep in your Step- 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (4ml) 
  • Moodology Menu - Single 
Hurry, hurry, don't wait ... 
these kits are selling out quick! 

(They will be restocking ASAP 
if you find they are out of stock.)

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Unlock Your Fairy Tale Origami Owl Locket

  Unlock Your Fairy Tale Origami Owl Locket available at StoriedCharms.comBe swept away by the beauty and brilliance of this Living Locket® look featuring a new piece from our Legacy Collection, the seasonal exclusive Large Silver Hidden Garden Plate. Tucked inside this whimsical Locket is our delicate Silver Fairy Charm flittering among the Crystal Moonlight Fairy Stardust Swarovski® Crystals. Customize this look further by the adding or switching out Charms, Dangles, Plates and Accessories that tell your personal fairy tale.

With one click purchase the ENTIRE look SKU LB1675. (Customize it by adding or removing items in your shopping bag.)

Set includes:
  • (1) LK9025 - Large Silver Twist Living Locket Base + Floral Face with Swarovski Crystals
  • (1) CH1866 - Crystal Moonlight Fairy Stardust Swarovski Crystals
  • (1) CH1980 - Silver Fairy Charm
  • (1) PS3044  - Large Silver Hidden Garden Plate
  • (1) DG4068 - Legacy Silver Pavé Rose Dangle with Swarovski Crystals
  • (1) CN5045 - 18-20" Silver Large Oval Chain
 Unlock Your Fairy Tale Origami Owl Locket available at StoriedCharms.com

Create Your Own Fairytale Origami Owl Living Locket

Dream big, dream big impossible dreams, follow your heart, and you will create your own little fairytale! Check out the Origami Owl Modern Day Fairy Tale Collection that includes charms of a frog prince, a fairy, a gnome, princess dress, a slipper, queen charm, magic wand, a castle, genie lamb, a unicorn, shooting star, and more

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