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Origami Owl "Baby Love" Locket

Origami Owl "Baby Love" Locket from

Celebrate the birth of your baby with a beautiful Origami Owl Living Locket™ you'll wear close to your heart. Fill your locket with charms of a baby stroller, baby footprints, initials with clear crystals, and their birthstone. Select your charms, locket, and chain, add a dream plate or maybe add some dangles to design the perfect "Dreams Come True" locket.

Is your baby a first grandchild? How about creating a baby timeline locket for their grandmothers? Do you have more than one child? Create a locket for each child and wear them layered with different length chains. As your child grows, change out the charms to celebrate how they've grown. Fabulous gift for a new mother, a baby shower gift for an expectant mother-to-be, for Mother's Day or just because.

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