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Choosing the Locket style, size and color is Step 2 of designing your Living Locket. The size of your locket is determined by your preference as well as the number of charms you have picked out to go in your locket. The Medium Locket is about the size of a nickel and the Large Locket is about the size of a quarter.

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All Lockets are stainless steel plated with your choice of Silver, Gold, Matte Brushed Gold, Rose Gold and Black.

There are Lockets:
  • that open and are hinged on the side
  • with a Base and a Twist off Face that can be changed
  • with crystals on the Face
  • heart shaped
  • rectangle shaped
  • oval shaped
  • Despicable Me Minion shaped
  • owl shaped
  • with Moodology Disc Charm you can add Essential Oils to
  • gold, silver or black living locket watches
  • silver and black rings!
  • can be added to genuine leather wrap bracelets
  • silver or rose gold oval lockets on adjustable chain bracelet
  • long bar lockets
  • on a retractable badge reel
  • on a lanyard to hold your ID badge
  • that you can add a Stick It Base to stick your locket anywhere
  • Christmas Tree shaped for the holidays!

Each Locket has a hinge on the left side and closes with a magnetic catch or has a base and a twist off face that makes it easy to change out your charms or add more as often as you'd like!

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