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You will love Origami Owl Living Lockets! They might seem like a simple locket filled with charms, but they are so much more. Creating a storied Living Locket of cherished memories, hopes and dreams is simple, and your story is never final.

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The locket has a magnetic clasp to allow you to switch up your charms anytime you want. Add one or a few or start all over with a completely different story. Begin with one locket and your favorite storied charms, then it's your choice to:
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  • add more charms
  • create a new collection of charms to completely switch out your storied charms
  • buy more lockets for to hold each collections of your life's storied charms
  • layer lockets with different length chains and wear more than one locket at a time
Designing your Living Locket is easy:
  1. Choose your favorite charms { $5.00 each } from birthstones, themed charms and accent stones
  2. Choose the size of your Locket { $20-$44 } from medium { nickel size } or large { quarter size } and choose gold, silver, rose gold plain or crystal embellished bezels (there isn't a small size)
  3. Choose your chain { $10 and up } from rolo chains, flat oval links, classic ball chains or faceted ball chains.  Choose your chain length -- 16, 18-20, 22-24, 30, and 32 inch options { extenders available }
  4. Choose an optional plate - small, medium or large { $7 and up } for a beautiful backdrop for your storied charms (add a large and a small for an awesome look)
  5. Choose optional dangles { $6 and up } to add bling or special meaning to your locket
Affordable, beautiful and meaningful, Origami Owl Living Lockets are a stunning way to carry your memories over your heart for all to see.

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